Dr. William J. "Doc" Martin, Jr.

Dr. Martin

Naturopathic Doctor
Registered Lymphologist
Medical Intuitive
Traditional Medicine Helper


Dr. Martin attended Cabrillo College outside of Santa Cruz, California, for his undergraduate work in pre-medicine. Dr. Martin did his graduate work at the Australian School of Naturopathy in Chicago, Illinois, as well as the Dr. John R. Christopher School of Natural Healing in Utah, where he obtained a Master's in Herbology with a cognate in Botany. He continued his studies in Naturopathy, graduating from the Dr. Clayton School of Natural Healing in 1984. He also attended the world-renowned Esalen Institute in California in 1968, 1969 and 1970, the Florida School of Massage and Hydrotherapy, the International College of Personology in California, and the International Academy of Lymphology in Provo, Utah.

Dr. Martin is a board member of the International Academy of Lymphology, and a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, Iridologists International, and the American Massage Therapy Association. He is also a professional member of the Biological Immunity Research Institute, and an honorary member of Auricular Studies at the British School of Acupuncture in Wales, Great Britain.

Dr. Martin holds two Degrees of Merit for his continuing research in the field of Iridology, after countless hours of personal work with his beloved teacher, Dr. Bernard Jensen. Dr. Martin also studied Color Therapy and Sound Therapy with Dr. Jensen, as well as Bio-Chemistry, Vibrational Medicine, Herbology, Personology, and the healing properties of food. Dr. Martin has earned Certification in the fields of Reflexology through the Eunice Ingham School of Reflexology, Massage Therapy through the American Massage Therapy Association, and Aromatherapy and Unani Tibb Medicine through the Unani Tibb Institute of New York. Unani Tibb Medicine is based on the teachings of the Persian physician ("Divine Physician") Avicenna (Ibn Sina), one of the first persons to codify medicine nearly 1000 years ago.

Dr. Martin is of the Cree lineage of Canada (First Peoples) on his Mother's side and Irish/ English heritage on his Father's side. He has been made Hunka ("the making of a relative") into the Creek, Lakota and Navajo nations for his medicine work with their people. He has studied, and continues to study, the medicine ways of the Lakota, Navajo, Hopi, Dakota, and other Indigenous nations. Dr. Martin's traditional name is translated as "to walk in a sacred manner," and he carries his "spirit name" very seriously.

Dr. Martin is well known and well loved for his outgoing, dynamic and charismatic personality, his warm sense of humor, and his genuine sensitivity for healing. These traits, combined with his 40+ years of hands-on experience, allow him the ability to communicate complex healing theories in a straight forward, easy-to-understand format. Over the past four decades, Dr. Martin has travelled extensively around the globe in order to teach holistic principles and the art of self-healing, oftentimes not even charging admission. He has spoken before many thousands of people in North America, South America, Mexico, all of Great Britain, and in many other countries in Europe. During his travels, he continues to study traditional healing from the Four Directions. Dr. Martin strives to pursue his work "in a good way," bringing truth, honesty, and integrity into his classrooms, as he was taught throughout his life by his Elders—for whom he holds deep respect and from whom he continues to learn, to this day.

In the 1990's and early 2000's, Dr. Martin had a popular radio show in New York City called FOUR DIRECTIONS & TRADITIONAL HEALING, which was broadcast on Pacifica public radio station WBAI 99.5 FM on Mondays from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. After nearly six years on air, and after producing close to 300 shows, the radio program aired its last broadcast in 2002. FOUR DIRECTIONS & TRADITIONAL HEALING addressed healing from the perspective of traditional views of Indigenous cultures, and how these traditional teachings harmonize with the latest knowledge emanating from the scientific community.

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Dr. Martin has been interviewed on numerous radio shows nationwide and has had three different radio shows of his own in the Detroit, Michigan, area. Dr. Martin's first radio program was in Truckee, California, in 1972, where he owned a health food store and did consultations for many years. Dr. Martin has also appeared on many local TV shows and cable networks across the country, and in Europe and England. More recently, he taped two segments for the PBS network which focused on digestion and allergies, and improving vision through activation of the lymphatic system. These programs were aired as part of a series on holistic medicine, beginning in 1998 through the year 2007.

As time allows, Dr. Martin continues to work on his first book, Touched by Smoke, an autobiographical account of his life as a medicine healer. In the book, he recounts his experience of being struck by lightning on July 29, 1994, on a perfectly clear day in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Dr. Martin sustained a direct lightning hit to the left temporal lobe, throwing him over 30 feet back into the car he had just left, leaving him blind, speechless (hard to believe, as he says), crippled, and having 20 to 40 seizures DAILY. After a miraculous two-year recovery, without the intervention of Western medical treatment, and using only self-imposed lymphatic activation therapy, Dr. Martin began work on his manuscript. Nearly three years to the day later, on July 15, 1997, he was struck by lightning a second time, delaying the books completion. This second incident left him in a state similar to the first, yet without as much intensity. (Dr. Martin jokes that the second lightning strike helped to balance the first strike.)

Dr. Martin is the Founder and Director of The Bio-Health Centre, formerly located in Redford, Michigan. The Bio-Health Centre was the Detroit area's first fully holistic health clinic. Now located in Lansing, Michigan, The Bio-Health Centre offers many types of alternative/complimentary healing modalities such as:  "guaranteed" health improvement programs, colonic irrigations, massage and reflexology therapy, Personal Essence-Aromatherapy Soul Essence Readings, personology readings, couples counseling, as well as herbal, homeopathic and vibrational remedies, traditional Native American ceremonies, therapeutic touch, lymphatic therapy and educational programs. After 25 years in the same location, the Redford office recently closed so that Dr. Martin could help to care for his Mother (may the Grace of God be upon her), and continue work on his unfinished manuscript. (Writing has once again been delayed, as Dr. Martin recovers from a head-on car accident.)

Dr. Martin has one son, William James Martin III, who is a practicing holistic Medical Doctor in New Hampshire. Dr. Martin's son and his wife, Kelli, had their first child, Ashlynn Nichole, in 2009, and their second daughter, Kennedy Jo, in 2011. Dr. Martin considers his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters to be the greatest gifts he has ever been given.

Dr. Martin dedicates all his service to Baha'u'llah, the prophet and founder of the Baha'i faith. (For more information about the Baha'i faith, see www.bahai.org or www.bahai.com.)

Throughout the years, since opening his first juice bar in 1970 until today, Dr. Martin prides himself on one thing—the opportunity to be of service to humanity.



As with all of the work I do, I promise you the best I have to offer in a format presented
with honor, integrity, laughter and love, as I have been taught by my mentors,
as well as my Elders, in the Traditional ways and values.