Medical Intuition Readings

by William J. Martin, Jr., N.D.


A well-known and highly skilled Medical Intuitive with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Martin can provide you with a full, personalized Medical Intuition reading detailing his suggested guidelines for reversal and prevention of your unique health challenges. Before the reading, you will provide Dr. Martin with a photograph of yourself (or the person to be evaluated). After the reading, Dr. Martin will provide you with a complete analysis detailing your current and future health challenges. His suggestions will include specific changes you may wish to make, such as lifestyle changes, changes to your diet, special breathing techniques, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, etc.


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An important message from Dr. Martin regarding the Medical Intuition readings...


Dear friends,

I would like you to understand the actual amount of time which I devote to a Medical Intuition reading. In addition to spending an average of 90 minutes in person (or on the phone) with the patient:

  • Afterwards, I spend a minimum of 3 to 4 additional hours going through the notes which I made for myself during our initial time together. I review these notes, over and over, until I am best able to determine in which order you, the patient, should take the products which I am recommending for you, so that you may have a clear, cohesive outline to follow. In many cases, my recommendations will also involve a change of lifestyle as well. It may have taken your body some time to break down and become symptomatic, so I ask that you please be patient, and I assure you that, together, we will get through whatever your challenges are.
  • Also, in many cases, I hand-prepare some of your remedies from my repertoire of herbs, flowers and homeopathics, and this involves more time as well.
  • All in all, from your first visit (or phone conversation) to the actual receiving of your program, my total time investment is somewhere between 6 to 8 hours.
  • I am also available to help you with any questions which may arise after you receive the program and recommendations which I have outlined for you.

In our modern world, where the "health craze" has become more and more common in nearly every household, it can be difficult for you to navigate your way on your own through the increasingly larger and larger number of available options, especially with the plethora of health-related information available to the layperson on the Internet, where there are as many opinions as there are people to write them. To help make this process easier, and to help you make good health choices for yourself and your family, I offer you my 40+ years in this field.

When you consider that a single emergency room visit costs about $2,000, and a visit to your primary care physician is on average between $150 and $200, the Medical Intuition reading is actually a very wise, affordable investment in your health and in your future.

I stand behind my services 100%, and the products which I personally sell are also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Not many health practitioners offer this type of personal service and guarantee. I refer to this as "personal service straight from the heart," and that is my guarantee to you.

I must also point out that, on this website, if you refer to the Information That Can Change Your Life section (under Self Study Portal), there you will find the FREE, SCIENTIFICALLY SOUND and PROVABLE technique for self-healing. Remember, friends, this self-healing technique is FREE and it represents the scientific foundation for all of the services which I provide. This beautiful science—and its importance—will become even more apparent in the near future. There is a saying that goes, "God helps those that help themselves." This self-healing technique is for those who are ready to help themselves to move to a new and different reality of healing and balance.

May your heart and mind always be at peace, and may love guide your way in this world of dust.

Mitakuye Oyasin
(we are all related)

Dr. William J. Martin Jr., N.D., R.L.


Read Dr. Martin's first-hand account of the development of his abilities as a Medical Intuitive...

Clairvoyance and Medical Intuition

by William J. Martin, Jr., N.D.

It all started at the age of six, when I received a vision of being called to do medicine work. In the vision, three ancestors (or, what some people call angels), visited me in my bedroom and told me, telepathically, that they were there to show me what direction they hoped my life was to follow in service to humanity. I can remember it all as if it had just happened today. A beautiful golden light surrounded these three beings as they hovered over my bed. The most incredible sounds seemed to fill the room and hang mysteriously in the ethers, as if frozen in time. The two walls of the bedroom seemed to disappear, as if suddenly vaporized, being replaced with a panoramic view of what I much later deduced to be a "screen play" of my life to come. And the scent that permeated the atmosphere, which to this day I have not been able to duplicate with aromatherapy oils and attars, seemed to fill the room, floating delicately on the "breezes" which stirred throughout the confines of the bedroom and even into my very soul. These very vivid images are still impregnating my cellular memory throughout my entire physical being.

It was not an easy path to follow, especially in the mid to late 1950's, when the masses were still not ready to accept the idea of being able to detect "troubled areas" of the body through interpretation of the patterns, colors and sounds which were all around the physical form, which I found out in my early teen years to be called the "aura." Being so young and very naive to this whole situation, and being under the impression that everyone was able to see these things that I was seeing, made it even more traumatic to me when my mother pulled me aside one evening, after "diagnosing" her friend with a breast problem (which later was medically diagnosed as cancerous), and told me that "you had better be careful what you say or 'they' may take you away from your family," which forced me to grasp the concept that indeed not everyone was able to "see" the things I was seeing. From this point on, I no longer "diagnosed" relatives or friends of the family, for fear of being taken away. This also had its positive side, as it forced me to turn even more often to my relatives in the spirit world for guidance and advice, which was and continues to be 100% accurate and appropriate for my continual awakening as a medicine helper. As I grew, I chose to not read books or attend classes regarding the aura, its interpretation, or working in the spirit way. By the age of twenty, I was intuitively directed to my first encounter with an elder "medicine helper" (he preferred not to be called a medicine man)—Frank Standing Bear. By this point, I was actively pursuing my Native heritage, which was the Cree lineage of Canada, where my mother was born. While growing up spending our summers in Canada, we always played with the Native Indian children, yet our grandparents never spoke of our mixed blood for at that time it was viewed as "shameful," I'm sorry to say.

I was blessed to be able to work closely with Frank Standing Bear for many months, during which I was privy to viewing many instances of what might be called "miracles." One example I will relate to you is the time Frank took all the unheated stones into the lodge for a purification ceremony and had me hold his Sacred Pipe and close the lodge flap. He then started praying and singing for some period of time, the length of which I would not even begin to guess, and eventually told me to strip down and enter the lodge. When I opened the flap to enter, I was shocked to feel an incredible surge of heat embrace me as I looked and saw the stones were white hot! No words were spoken. We continued the ceremony with the others who had come for healings. It had always impressed me how this humble man, with no so-called education, was able to "read" and "diagnose" each person with not only the physical complaint, but he also went right to the core issue—the spiritual counterpart. He would then suggest herbs, etc., for the ailment, and we would do spiritual ceremonies in which he would do his work in the spirit world, to humbly ask for assistance from the ancestors and spirits of the four directions to assist those who came for help, as well as their families. The healings I was witness to would take a book in itself to describe. I can only tell you that the time I spent with this great "hu-man" being, even though very few words were ever spoken, left everlasting impressions upon my soul and helped me to understand my gift of medical clairvoyance and medical intuition, and what it was the ancestors wished me to pursue. Frank had shared with me once that it was a great gift and a burden which had been given me. Still, it was up to me to make that choice to serve Wakan Tanka in this way or not. He also encouraged me to pursue a scientific/medical understanding of these ways, yet never to lose sight of the only healer—Wakan Tanka. As my ancestors continued to work with me, my ability to interpret the energies I was seeing/hearing around people was greatly enhanced. After Frank Standing Bear ceased his breathing in this world, he continued to guide me from the other side of the veil, and I honor him in my heart daily. I love you, Frank!

On July 29th, 1994, I sustained a direct strike to the left side of my head by a lightning bolt. It was a beautiful summer day in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, at an elevation of about 9200 feet, and there was not a cloud anywhere in sight. After being in a coma for almost 72 hours, I awoke to find myself paralyzed, blind and unable to speak, plus having grand-mal seizures, about 50 per day! Refusing any medical help—holistic or allopathic, I placed my trust in what Wakan Tanka and the research work of my angel friend, Dr. C. Samuel West (author of the book, The Golden Seven Plus One), had taught me, which was to act in this appropriate manner. Through the grace of The Mystery, within one year I was speaking, seeing and walking again. Then, incredibly, I was hit by lightening a second time on July 15th, 1997. It was after this second lightening strike that I noticed that something else had happened! There was a new twist to the clairvoyant abilities I had been given. I was now able to actually see inside the body, like an x-ray machine of sorts. I am still learning to grasp this new ability, and to use it to be of service to my fellow "hu-man" beings.


Medical Intuition Reading:    $200.00


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As with all of the work I do, I promise you the best I have to offer in a format presented
with honor, integrity, laughter and love, as I have been taught by my mentors,
as well as my Elders, in the Traditional ways and values.