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In over 40 years of practice, Dr. Martin has chosen to use the following brands based on their integrity, effectiveness, and reliability. However, you are always free to choose others. To place an order, please refer to the Placing Your Order section at the bottom of this page.

If you would like more in-depth information on these products and their benefits to your health, click on the "learn more" link after each description.

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Dr. Martin's "Daily Program" Package

Dr. Martin's Classic "Daily Program Booklet" ... $30.00
(e-book version ... $9.00)

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This is an in-depth explanation of the self-healing techniques and products used in the life-transforming daily program. In this booklet, Dr. Martin covers the following topics:

Balanced Life Food ... $75.00  (1 pound container, 1 month supply)

Dr. Martin's popular original recipe. An incredible blend of super greens, powerful enzymes, seeds, royal jelly, herbs, homeopathics, color frequencies, etc. Designed to nourish the cells. Works especially well with the lymphasizing techniques to accelerate the healing processes. When taken at the rate of one level tablespoon (5 grams) three times a day, a 1-pound container will feed you for thirty days. That's only $2.50 a day for a complete vibrant food source. Dr. Martin has lived exclusively on this food with fresh juice for over three months.
Learn more about the benefits of Balanced Life Food.

Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals ... $28.50  (8-ounce bottle, 2 month supply)

Available in a convenient eight ounce container. This is a must for DAILY consumption. Very important in helping to raise the body's electrical potential.
Learn more about the benefits of Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals.

Dr. Jensen's Brand Liquid Chlorophyll ... $14.50  (16-ounce bottle, 1 month supply)

Available with or without mint. An important part of our Daily Program.
Learn more about the benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll.

Natural Fiber Skin Brush ... $12.50  (lasts for months)

Dr. Martin advocates brushing the skin daily to loosen dead skin cells and open this channel of elimination of toxins. The skin is our largest organ of elimination. Special oval shape with detachable wooden handle. Another essential item for use with our Daily Program.
Learn more about the benefits of Dry Skin Brushing.

Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems ... (call for price)

When following our Balanced Life Food Daily Program we recommend using reverse osmosis water as an extremely important part of the program. Refer to our Daily Program Booklet for further information on the importance of drinking PURE water in the correct amounts.
Learn more about the benefits of Pure Water as Food.

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Dr. Martin's 30-Minute Professional "Lymphatic Activation Video" ... $33.00

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This video takes you step-by-step through our "Balanced Life Food Daily Program," showing advanced self-healing techniques not found in Dr. West's precious book, "The Golden Seven Plus One." The video is the perfect complement to Dr. West's book and Dr. Martin's Daily Program Booklet. The last 15 minutes of this video alone are priceless, during which Dr. Martin guides you step-by-step through the lymphatic activation breathing technique. Dr. Martin strongly recommends that you listen to this last section of the video every morning to reset the "hard drive" of your brain's "computer." To activate your lymphatic system at the cellular level, all you have to do is listen to and follow Dr. Martin as he leads you in this simple-to-learn deep breathing technique. In Dr. Martin's opinion, this is the most important part of your self-healing journey, and it costs nothing to implement this routine into your life. Exciting, informative and invaluable! You are encouraged to share this video with family and friends.

Dr. Martin's Live Lecture Tapes ... $42.00

A live lecture on six 90-minute audio cassettes which capture all the excitement and invaluable knowledge from the spiritual as well as the physical perspectives. Recorded by Dr. Martin in New York City in 1997.

Slanting Board ... $300.00  (plus $40 shipping, delivered to your door)

This, in our opinion, is one of the most valuable tools available for our use today. We feel that no home should be without one. Dr. Martin was once told by his beloved mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen, these great words, "We die from the neck up." Something to think about. Blood flow to the brain, carrying nutrients and precious oxygen, is greatly enhanced thereby helping eyesight, hearing, memory, etc. Remember, we spend many months in this same position before entering this world.


Doc Martin's Special Liver Tea with Glycerin ... $25.00  (4-week supply)

This formula was divinely inspired and has been used by Dr. Martin for over seventeen years with great success helping thousands of patients. This tea does a wonderful job of clearing the bile duct as well as the filtration portion of the liver thereby enhancing metabolism and digestion. Many patients have reported successful weight reduction while using this formula. We recommend using this tea for two full months to start, then at least for one month every six months as a maintenance and support. Price includes the vegetable glycerin.

Doc Martin's Special-Teas ... $9.50  (per bag for any of the following teas):

Billy's Poop Tea ... $22.00  (4 to 6 week supply)

Gentle overnight relief. No harsh cathartics. Builds and feeds the entire digestive tract. Safe to use often; still, we recommend using even more natural methods of gastro-intestinal regeneration as a whole, such as natural, chemical-free foods, plenty of pure water in proper quantities, etc. (for more info, refer to our "Balance Life Food Daily Program" sheets).

Master Blend Tea ... $33.00  (per bag)

A phenomenal formula given to Dr. Martin over forty years ago by a Medicine Woman from his tribe in Canada. Has a wonderful effect as a blood alterative so is especially valuable in all cases of necrosis and morbid matter from compromised immunological function such as cancers, tumors, long term viral infections, blood disorders, etc. Great for long term use.


Dr. Martin's 48-Day Homeopathic Protocol Detox Kit
(If interested in these wonderful homeopathics, you must first speak with Dr. Martin, as we want the best for you.)

This kit contains five different alcohol-free liquid homeopathics and comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions. Included in the kit are the following:

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