Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals and Their Importance

If we were asked, which is the area of greatest misunderstanding of the average person in the field of nutrition, we would be forced to reply, it is the failure to understand the importance of minerals and trace minerals. No longer does a balanced and fully nourished diet consist of so many calories, or certain vitamins, or a fixed proportion of starches, proteins and carbohydrates. We know it must also contain a score of minerals.

It is news to learn from our countries leading authorities that 99% of the American people are deficient in minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease. Any upset in the balance, any considerable lack of one or another element however microscopic the body requirement may be, and we sicken, suffer, and shorten our lives. Without minerals, the foods we eat and the vitamins we take do little or no good. In fact, Dr. Charles Northern, M.D., states, "In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of the minerals but lacking minerals, the vitamins are useless."

Linda Clark, M.A., said, "We may be looking frantically for health in the wrong direction. Vitamins play their part, of course, but minerals liberate the vitamins to do their work." Trace minerals are just as important as major minerals. Herbert H. Boyington and Mark McCarty said, "Trace minerals can literally mean the difference between buoyant good health and serious disease. They are absolutely vital to our health and well-being, though our daily requirements of them are sometimes thousands of times smaller than for the major minerals."

Anyone can implement a better nutritional program by the introduction of high quality foods in place of lower quality foods, making sure that they are also getting a full range of minerals and trace minerals. The higher the quality of the food that we eat, the quicker we recover from disease, provided we are able to digest and assimilate this food. Here is where minerals play an important part. Their role in digestion and assimilation automatically increases the quality of food, as far as the human system is concerned.

The Human Body's Remarkable Wisdom and the Restorative "House Cleaning" Process

What happens when a person improves their nourishment through the quality of the food consumed? Well, remarkable things begin to happen to the body as well as the mind. The amazing intelligence present in the body cells, and the wisdom of the body in its operation, immediately brings about a response. The rule may be stated thusly: when the quality of food coming into the body is of higher quality than the tissue which the body is currently made of, the body begins to make room for the superior materials which it then uses to make new and healthier tissue.

The body is always trying to improve, and will improve, unless the interference is too great. Only then do we fail to recover, and degenerate further into disease. The body's efforts for improvement are exemplified by the self-curing nature of many conditions such as colds, fevers, cuts, swellings, and common injuries. The body will begin to discard toxins, which are removed from the tissues via the lymphatic system and transported through the blood stream to the four channels of elimination (skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels) to be carried to the outside world. When we introduce more alive, more natural and superior foods (such as our Balanced Life Food) than those our bodies are accustomed to, our bodies may experience some cleansing "discomforts." Some symptoms or signs may become evident when we begin to omit lower grade foods or nutrition, such as headaches or a depressed feeling. A foul-smelling urine and/or stool may actually be an encouraging sign. Persons who previously have had eruptions will frequently tend to eliminate poisons through the skin with new rashes or eruptions.

The unpleasant symptoms usually disappear within several days. This let down feeling is due to the body's discarding of wastes more rapidly than new tissues are produced from the improved nourishment. Initially, this usually results in some weight reduction.

As one continues on the improved nourishment program, interesting things happen. The body begins a process of "house cleaning." The cellular intelligence reasons something like this: "Oh! Look at all those fine materials coming in. Isn't it wonderful now that we finally have a chance to get rid of this old garbage and build a beautiful new temple? Let's get started immediately. Let's get this sludge and residue moving out of the arteries, veins and capillaries. These smelly, gassy, brain-stupefying masses have been here too long. Out with them! These arthritic deposits in the joints need cleaning up. Let's get these irritating food preservatives, pesticides, chlorine, aspirin, sleeping pills, and drugs out of the way, along with these masses of fat which have made life so burdensome for so long. Let's get going and keep going until the job is done, until we have a beautiful temple, and from then on, let's keep it a beautiful and healthy temple."

One must tolerate and be encouraged by a let down feeling or other minor symptoms which may occur during the body's house cleaning process. Understand that these conditions are constructive, even though unpleasant at the moment. Don't try to stop these symptoms by the use of certain drugs, or even by massive doses of vitamins, which could act as drugs in high concentrations. These symptoms are part of a curing process, so it is advisable not to try to "cure a cure." If you're uncomfortable with this advice, then try to find guidance through a doctor or nutritional teacher who has experience in the often misunderstood subject of "nutrition" in relation to health and disease.


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